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Commercial Financing

Benefits of a Commercial Lines of Credit

An operating line of credit gives you the spending flexibility you need, when you need it — so your business can be prepared for expenses as they arise.

Northwood Capital Commercial Lines of Credit allow you to access funds as needed, without an application or even contacting your Financial Manager. Once you’re approved, you’ll have ongoing access to funds. So boost your working capital, prepare for seasonal fluctuations, and more — and only pay interest on the amount you use.


Capital Equipment Financing

The heart of many companies may be the people working their but the muscle is determined by the strength of infrastructure built to help those people succeed. Northwood Capital Group has a team of Capital Equipment Specialists who understand the intricacies of financing capital equipment. We will always find the right financial structure for your company with terms that offer the flexibility needed.


Our team has over 40 years of experience in dealing with issues such as vendors, tax implications, state licensing and registration, pre-funding transactions, and setting up Capital Equipment Lines of Credit. Ask one of our Specialists how we plan and getting your business where you want to go, and finance the capital equipment needed to get you there.


Commercial Real Estate Financing

Northwood Capital Group offers a diverse blend of commercial real estate loans to meet the unique borrowing obligations and investment goals of its clients for owner-occupied and commercial investment properties. We can accurately structure the best financing solution regardless of the transaction size you need. Depending on the loan, we can offer non-recourse and recourse commercial real estate lending options. Our expertise and depth of industry knowledge maximize efficiency to your advantage.

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